Ticket sales cover less than quarter of the expenses for our full-size orchestral concerts.

The American Symphony Orchestra Board of Trustees, staff, and artists gratefully acknowledge the following individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies who help us to fulfill Leopold Stokowski’s avowed intention of making orchestral music accessible and affordable for everyone. While space permits us only to list gifts made at the Friends level and above, we value the generosity and vital support of all donors.


Jeanne Donovan Fisher
The Frank & Lydia Bergen Foundation
The Lanie & Ethel Foundation
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA)
New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA)
Open Society Foundations
Thurmond Smithgall
Felicitas S. Thorne


The Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation
The Faith Golding Foundation, Inc.
Rachel and Shalom Kalnicki
Dimitri B. and Rania Papadimitriou
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Wilson


Mary F. and Sam Miller


Anonymous (3)
The Amphion Foundation
Lillian Barbash
Joel I. and Ann Berson
The David & Sylvia Teitelbaum Fund, Inc.
The Elgar Society
Karen Finkbeiner
Gary M. Giardina
Arthur S. Leonard
Dr. Pamela F. Mazur and Dr. Michael J. Miller
Shirley A. Mueller
Mark Ptashne and Lucy Gordon
Patricia E. Saigo


Anonymous (4)
Veronica and John Frankenstein
Stephen M. Graham
IBM Corporation
Doug B. Jones
Erica Kiesewetter
Patricia Kiley and Edward Faber
Jeanne Malter
Joanne and Richard Mrstik
James and Andrea Nelkin
Anthony Richter
David E. Schwab II and Ruth Schwartz Schwab
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Sculco
Janet Zimmerman Segal
Peter and Eve Sourian
Joseph and Jean Sullivan
Siri von Reis


Anonymous (2)
Gary Arthur
John and Rosemarie Brautigam
Jeffrey Caswell
Isabelle A. Cazeaux
Roger Chatfield
Elliott Forrest
Max and Eliane Hahn
Ashley Horne
Michael and Anne Marie Kishbauch
Adnah G. and Grace W. Kostenbauder
Dr. Coco Lazaroff
Nancy Leonard and Lawrence Kramer
Steve Leventis
Peter A. Q. Locker
Stephen J. Mc Ateer
Christine Munson
Kurt Rausch and Lorenzo Martone
Roland Riopelle and Leslie Kanter
Harriet Schon
Martha and David Schwartz
Alan Stenzler
Michael and Judith Thoyer
Mr. and Mrs. Jon P. Tilley
Robert and Patricia Ross Weiss


Anonymous (12)
American Express Gift Matching Program
Bernard Aptekar
John and Joanne Baer
Marian D. Bach
The Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Reina Barcan
Carol Kitzes Baron
Ruth Baron
Mary Ellin Barrett
Dr. Robert Basner
David C. Beek and Gayle Christian
Simone Belda
Yvette Bendahan
Adria Benjamin
Daniel and Gisela Berkson
Mona Yuter Brokaw
Stephen M. Brown
Marjorie Burns
Moshe Burstein
CA Technologies
Richard C. Celler
Connie S. P. Chen
Barbara and Peter Clapman
Theodore and Alice Ginott Cohn Philanthropic Fund
Bette Collom and Anthony Menninger
Laura Conwesser
Michael and Frances Curran
William Diggs
Herbert and Mary Donovan
Paul Ehrlich
Richard Farris
Lynda Ferguson
Martha Ferry
Laura Flax
Jeffrey F. Friedman
Helen Garcia
Ann and Lawrence Gilman
Diva Goodfriend-Koven
June O. Goldberg
Gordon Gould
Greenwich House, Inc.
John L. Haggerty
Laura Harris
Linda Herskowitz
Eric S. Holtz
Penelope Hort
Hudson Guild, Inc.
Sara Hunsicker
George H. Hutzler
Jewish Communal Fund
José Jiménez
Ronald S. Kahn
Robert and Susan Kalish
Dr. Roses E. Katz
Robert and Charlotte Kelly
Robert Keohane

Music plays a special part in the lives of many New York residents. The American Symphony Orchestra gratefully acknowledges the support of the following government agencies that have made a difference in the culture of New York:

New York State Council on the Arts
with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo
and the New York State Legislature

NYSCA Logo - Green

The City of New York
The Honorable Bill De Blasio, Mayor
NYC Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the New York City Council


Supporters (cont’d)

David Kernahan
Irving and Rhoda Kleiman
Caral G. and Robert A. Klein
Jay Kriegel
Peter Kroll
Dr. Carol Lachman
Shirley Leong
Linda Lopez
William Lubliner
Joyce F. Luchtenberg
Alan Mallach
Elizabeth Mateo
Carolyn McColley
Alan B. McDougall
Sally and Bruce McMillen
Clifford S. Miller
Phyllis and Stanley Mishkin
Lucy M. and Martin L. Murray
Kenneth Nassau
Michael Nasser
Karen Olah
Clarence W. Olmstead, Jr. and Kathleen F. Heenan
Roger and Lorelle Phillips
David R. Pozorski and Anna M. Romanski
Anita Randolfi
Wayne H. Reagan
Leonard Rosen and Phyllis Rosen
Jack Rosenthal and Holly Russell
Rochelle Rubinstein
Michael T. Ryan
Henry Saltzman
Peter Lars Sandberg
Nina C. and Emil Scheller
Joe Ruddick and Mary Lou Schemp
Sharon Schweidel
Gerald and Gloria Scorse
Margret Sell
Georgi Shimanovsky
Bruce Smith and Paul Castellano
Gertrude Steinberg
Suzanne Steinberg
Susan Stempleski
Hazel C. and Bernard Strauss
Helen Studley
Robert Sweeney
Margot K. Talenti
Catherine Traykovski
Susan and Charles Tribbitt
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ullman
Janet Whalen
Victor Wheeler
Donald W. Whipple
Larry A. Wehr
Leonard and Ellen Zablow
Alfred Zoller
Myra and Matthew Zuckerbraun


Anonymous (4)
Madelyn P. Ashman
Rudolph Baker
Stephen Blum
Mrs. A. Peter Brown
Diane Bruce and John Sinclair
Joan Brunskill
Stephen J. and Elena Chopek
Nancy L. Clipper
Robert Cohen
Concerts MacMusicson
Patricia Contino
Lois Conway
Judy Davis
Thomas J. De Stefano
Susanne Diamond
Ruth Dodziuk-Justitz and Jozef Dodziuk
Barton Dominus
Jonathan F. Dzik
Lee Evans
Anne Stewart Fitzroy
ExxonMobil Foundation
Donald W. Fowle
Christopher H. Gibbs
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Robert Gottlieb
Michael and Ilene Gotts
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Greenberg
John Hall
Donald Hargreaves
Andrée Hayum
John Helzer
Robert Herbert
Diana F. Hobson
Christopher Hollinger
Cyma Horowitz
Drs. Russell and Barbara Holstein
Theresa Johnson
Ginger Karren
Robin Katz
Peter Keil
Kaori Kitao
Pete Klosterman
Frederick R. Koch
Seymour and Harriet Koenig
Mr. and Mrs. Robert LaPorte
David Laurenson
Patricia Luca
Walter Levi
Judd Levy
José A. Lopez
Sarah Luhby
Nancy Lupton
Dr. Karen Manchester
Richard and Maryanne Mendelsohn
John D. Metcalfe
Mark G. Miksic
Myra Miller
Alex Mitchell
David Morton
Michael Nassar
Leonie Newman
Sandra Novick
Mather Pfeiffenberger
Jane and Charles Prussack
Bruce Raynor
Martin Richman
Catherine Roach
John Roane
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Rosen
Leslie Salzman
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Schulberg
The Honorable Michael D. Stallman
Paul Stumpf
Madeline V. Taylor
Renata and Burt Weinstein
Jon Wetterau
David A. Wilkinson
Ann and Doug William
Kurt Wissbrun
Dagmar and Wayne Yaddow
Lawrence Yagoda
Mark and Gail Zarick

List current as of January 5, 2017

ASO’s performance of The Apostles is supported in part by The Elgar Society
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