The Cage Concert

12/13/2012 at 08:00 PM – Carnegie Hall
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Single tickets $25/$35/$50At a concert in 1949, legendary American composer John Cage heard a piece by Anton Webern that moved him so much he had to leave the hall. On the way out, he found composer Morton Feldman doing the same, and the two became fast friends and collaborators. For his 100th birthday, ASO features some of Cage’s important later works, as well as works by Webern, Feldman, and another Cage inspiration, Erik Satie.

Maestro Leon Botstein shares the stories behind the music in a lively 30-minute Conductor’s Notes Q&A at 7 PM in Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage. Free for all ticket holders.

  • Jennifer Feinstein, mezzo-soprano
  • Helen Pridmore, soprano

  • Anton Webern — Symphony, Op. 21
    [mp3j track=”http://www.americansymphony.org/mp3/ASO2_1_Symphony_Op_21.mp3″ flip=”y” style=”outline”]
  • Morton Feldman — …Out of ‘Last Pieces’
    [mp3j track=”http://www.americansymphony.org/mp3/ASO2_2_Out_of_Last_Pieces.mp3″ flip=”y” style=”outline”]
  • Erik Satie — Parade
    [mp3j track=”http://www.americansymphony.org/mp3/ASO2_3_Parade.mp3″ flip=”y” style=”outline”]
  • John Cage — “Cheap Imitation” with Solos for Voice Nos. 18 & 30
  • John Cage — Etcetera (NY Premiere)
    [mp3j track=”http://www.americansymphony.org/mp3/ASO2_5_Etcetera.mp3″ flip=”y” style=”outline”]
  • John Cage — Etcetera 2/4 Orchestras (NY Premiere)
    [mp3j track=”http://www.americansymphony.org/mp3/ASO2_6_Etcetera_2_4_Orchestras.mp3″ flip=”y” style=”outline”]

Concert Notes