String Quartet in B minor, Op. 11 (1935)

October 7, 2020



The middle movement of Samuel Barber’s String Quartet in B minor, Op. 11 (1935), later arranged by the composer for orchestra as Adagio for Strings, is “one of the most recognizable pieces of classical music in the world” (NPR). In a live socially-distanced chamber music performance, members of the ASO performed all three movements of Barber’s string quartet in its original form. Samuel Barber (1910—1981) was a child prodigy who began studying the piano from an early age and quickly began to composewriting this string quartet when he was only in his mid-twenties. The American composer’s style is distinctive and modern, reflecting romantic trends in 20th-century classical music.

Violist Will Frampton introduces Barber’s string quartet to a live audience on August 9, 2020 at Washington Lake Park Amphitheater in Sewell, New Jersey.

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October 7, 2020
18 minutes


String Quartet in B minor, Op. 11 (1935)
Samuel Barber

I. Molto allegro e appassionato
II. Molto adagio
III. Molto allegro


Cyrus Beroukhim, violin
Richard Rood, violin
William Frampton, viola
Alberto Parrini, cello