Persecution and Hope: Masterworks of Conscience


Persecution and Hope: Masterworks of Conscience

02/20/2009 at 08:00 PM – Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center
A courageous composer who publicly reviled Mussolini– and openly used music to oppose Italian fascism

Two of Dallapiccola’s most affecting works stand as monumental moral testaments. Night Flight was written in response to the rise of fascism, and is based on the work of French author Antoine de Saint-Exupery (of Little Prince Fame). The Prisoner, Dallapiccola’s one-act opera of 1948, explores the ideas of torture and hope in a world without justice. Join Richard Wilson for a pre-concert talk 75 mintes prior to performance at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center Featuring: Volo di notte (1939) Signor Rivière: Richard Zeller, bass-baritone La Signora Fabien: Lori Phillips, soprano Il Radiotelegrafista: Scott Williamson, tenor Il Pilota Pellerin: Peter Tantsits, tenor Il Prigioniero (1948) Il Prigoniero (the prisoner): David Pittman-Jennings, baritone Il Grande Inquisitore (the grand inquisitore): Donald Kaasch, tenor La Madre (the mother): Lori Phillips, soporano

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