The Vampire

March 17, 2013

Carnegie Hall


03/17/2013 at 02:00 PM – Carnegie Hall
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In the summer of 1816, a group including Lord Byron and Percy & Mary Shelley kept themselves entertained through a storm by creating stories for each other, a contest which produced “Frankenstein” and a short story by John Polidori, “The Vampyre.” This tale of a vampire who must murder three virgins in order to stay alive for another year inspired a play, which in turn inspired the first opera by German composer Heinrich Marschner.

Maestro Leon Botstein shares the stories behind the music in a lively 30-minute Conductor’s Notes Q&A at 1 PM in Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage. Free for all ticket holders.

  • Vale Rideout, tenor
  • Nicholas Pallesen, baritone
  • Carsten Wittmoser, bass-baritone
  • Alison Buchanan, soprano
  • Justin Hopkins, bass-baritone
  • Tamara Wilson, soprano
  • Jennifer Tiller, soprano
  • Glenn Seven Allen, tenor
  • The Collegiate Chorale Singers
  • Heinrich August Marschner — Der Vampyr

Concert Notes


March 17, 2013
Carnegie Hall