Composing a Nation: Israel’s Musical Patriarchs

05/31/2009 at 08:00 PM – Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center

The names of those who built the nation of Israel are legendary, but those who forged its cultural voice played a
vital role in expressing the identity of the new country.

Explore the work of Israel’s musical patriarchs. Thrill to works of Paul Ben-Haim, Ödön Partos, Mordecai Seter and Josef Tal—European-born Jews who emigrated to the Holy Land in the 1920s and ’30s, and together created an Israeli musical tradition as this new nation was born and came to life.

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    Revisiting William Grant Still

    03/22/2009 at 08:00 PM – Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center

    Operas, symphonies, concerti, chamber music, art songs, film scores, popular music—William Grant. Still embraced all of America’s music, and ranks among the greatest American composers.

    Rivaled only by Leonard Bernstein in the variety of his output, Still trained and worked with the best of the best in creating the sound of the “American Experience.” Hear three of Still’s momentous and varied works in a single program—Darker America, Symphony No. 2, and Africa.

    Featuring Jennifer Rivera, Mezzo-Soprano
    Enjoy a pre-concert discussion
    75 minutes prior to performance in Avery Fisher Hall.

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      Persecution and Hope: Masterworks of Conscience

      02/20/2009 at 08:00 PM – Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center
      A courageous composer who publicly reviled Mussolini– and openly used music to oppose Italian fascism

      Two of Dallapiccola’s most affecting works stand as monumental moral testaments. Night Flight was written in response to the rise of fascism, and is based on the work of French author Antoine de Saint-Exupery (of Little Prince Fame). The Prisoner, Dallapiccola’s one-act opera of 1948, explores the ideas of torture and hope in a world without justice. Join Richard Wilson for a pre-concert talk 75 mintes prior to performance at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center Featuring: Volo di notte (1939) Signor Rivière: Richard Zeller, bass-baritone La Signora Fabien: Lori Phillips, soprano Il Radiotelegrafista: Scott Williamson, tenor Il Pilota Pellerin: Peter Tantsits, tenor Il Prigioniero (1948) Il Prigoniero (the prisoner): David Pittman-Jennings, baritone Il Grande Inquisitore (the grand inquisitore): Donald Kaasch, tenor La Madre (the mother): Lori Phillips, soporano

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        Music of the Other Germany

        01/25/2009 at 08:00 PM – Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center

        A program that could only be brought to you by the American Symphony Orchestra.
        Music of postwar East Germany, created in the then
        newly established German Democratic Republic.

        Hanns Eisler, Paul Dessau, Rudolf Wagner-Régeny, Udo Zimmerman, Siegfried Matthus—these are composers who created music in the greatest of German traditions, in an environment that, despite rampant censorship and oppression, was a hothouse of artistic experimentation.
        Featuring Marjorie Owens, Soprano
        Join Leon Botstein for a pre-concert talk 75 mintes prior to performance at
        Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center

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          Against the Avant-Garde: Romanticisms of the 1920s

          12/07/2008 at 08:00 PM – Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center

          In Europe in the 1920s, music experienced the
          revolution of the avant-garde. Composers turned away
          from Romanticism…
          But these three great composers struggled to prove that Romantic music was still relevant and thriving as a style of truly great works of art. Violinist Daniel Hope will perform Suter’s beautiful Violin Concerto, and Marx’s Autumn Symphony will celebrate its SECOND performance since 1927. THREE LONG-OVERDUE US PREMIERES… A PROGRAM THAT ONLY LEON BOTSTEIN AND THE ASO CAN OFFER.Join Maestro Botstein at 1:45PM for his illuminating pre-concert dicussion from the Avery Fisher Hall mainstage.
          Violinist Daniel Hope


          CLICK HERE to watch a video interview with violinist Daniel Hope.

          CLICK HERE to hear an excerpt of Joseph Marx’s Eine Herbstsymphonie by the Großse Orchester Graz/Michel Swierczewski, conductor

          CLICK HERE to hear an excerpt of Hermann Suter’s Violin Concerto by the Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne/Bettina Boller, violin/Mario Venzago, conductor



          CLICK HERE to read about Daniel Hope in the April 2007 issue of Strings

          CLICK HERE to read about Daniel Hope’s work as Associate Artistic Director with the Savannah Music Festival in the April 3, 2008 issue of the Financial Times

          CLICK HERE to read about Daniel Hope from Minnesota Public Radio on February 13th, 2008

          CLICK HEREto read about Daniel Hope’s book,“Familienstucke: Eine Spurensuche”, in the January 13th, 2008 issue of The New York Times

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            Le roi d’Ys

            10/03/2008 at 08:00 PM – Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center

            A tale of passion, scorn and redemption.
            A city faced with a watery annihilation.
            And the King’s daughter behind it all.

            Edouard Lalo’s grandest work, tells the tale of the mythical sunken city of Ys, a subject that has inspired writers, musicians, artists (and more recently, video programmers) for centuries. The masterpiece premiered in 1888 to great acclaim, and influenced French opera for a generation. Let this great work wash over you and discover Lalo’s account of the doomed city of Ys and its dramatic, watery fate.

            Join Leon Botstein for a pre-concert talk 75 mintes prior to performance at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center

            Le roi d'Ys


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